A briefer Kenneth

Oh, the narcissism of blogging!

I’ve reconnected or connected with quite a few people recently via Facebook and other social media, some of whom might have some slight interest in one part of my life or another. And so, on the occasion of my 55th birthday, I thought I’d try to make some brief notes. There’s a new link in the menu above, to my “mini-autobiography.”

Thanksgiving miscellany

All my shirts and most of my outerwear are from Eddie Bauer and I have to say I was disgusted to find out from a marketing email today that there are Eddie Bauer stores that will be open this evening. I’m grateful for the so-called blue law in Massachusetts that prohibits some kinds of business on Thanksgiving Day. Kudos to Apple Inc., BJ’s Wholesale Club, TJ Maxx, Costco, Nordstrom, and other retailers who have chosen as companies to be closed today.

I reflected this morning before I got out of bed how very fortunate I am to have a safe, warm place to live; plenty (arguably too much!) food; employment that, while sometimes frustrating, is never boring and makes good use of my abilities; good health insurance and medical ailments that can be cured or for which there are effective maintenance drugs; happy memories of a loving mother and a good relationship with an elderly father.

Palm Springs

I’ve just had a very nice visit to family in my hometown, and now have an evening in Palm Springs before flying home tomorrow. Sadly, I didn’t know it’s Pride weekend here, or I might have stayed through Monday.

Because of Pride, the last place I stayed was full, so I just went for cheap. The first Motel 6 I checked online was also full, but there’s a second one, which I booked. It happens to be right next to the Ace Hotel (a hipster chain based in Portland), and so I’m currently awaiting a burger (made from a happy cow) and drinking a Babe’s Vanilla Blonde draft beer.




A satisfying dish made of “Gimme Lean” sausage, cabbage, apples, and an onion fried in a little olive oil. The soy protein gets the sausage flavor right, and the texture is okay. I need to brown it more next time, though.